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Bump version number due to changes on tree_sortkeys on site nodes table

add "developer tools" to default admin menu

improve comments, bump version number to 5.10.0d8

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Fixed bug with SuppressHttpPort on admin/index page of acs-subsite

for details see: https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=5399931

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fix bug with SuppressHttpPort on admin/index page of acs-subsite

see: https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=5399931

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provide better defaults for admin pulldown in tabbed modes

Update italian localization, bump version number

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Trim whitespace

bump version number to 5.10.0d5, otherwise the new package keys (such as acs-subsite.404_title) are not known an lead to errors

add missing version dependencies for antonio's recent changes concering user info API

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Fix typos

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provide templated error pages for subsite. without this, error pages for host-node-mapped subsites are a pain

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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New callback: subsite::page_plugin:

- Execute pacakge-specfic code on every page. Callbacks of this type

typically call template::head::* functions to add application specific

code (CSS and JavaScript) to every page (e.g. like e.g. the cookie-consent-plugin).

This callback is a generalization of the callbacks "subsite::get_extra_headers"

and "subsite::header_onload".

- Bump version number to 5.10.0d2

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Bump version number to make sure, the recent fix is offered for installation via package manager

merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- do not depend on beta or development versions

- make sure that released versions are not beta or development

- align version numbers (e.g. use also 5.9.1 for xotcl-core)

- bump version numbers to 5.9.1

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bump version numbers to 5.9.1b9 respectively to 2.9.1b9 to prepare for release

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- fixing regexp for message key in group::new

- Introducing lang::util::message_key_regexp to avoid similar confusions in the future

- bump verison number of acs-lang to 5.9.1b4

- bump version number of acs-subsite to 5.9.1b5

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- when ShowMembersListTo is set to "3", show list to members only, when this is not the whole subsite

- improve documentation

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Support internationalization via [group::get_member_state_pretty] and

other related messages concerning state changes.

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Unify handling of tmp dir checking (see issue #3308)

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- bump version number of OpenACS to 5.9.1b3 and DotLRN to 2.9.1b3

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- Fix message key

- Bump version to 5.9.1b2

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Bump version numbers for OpenACS 5.9.1b1

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Theme Manager:

- add local_p flag to subsite-theme:

Distinguish between locally created themes and system themes

(provided via packages)

- the default parameters of local themes can be overwritten

in the database. Therefore, when site contains many subsites,

this makes it easy to share the settings between the subsites,

without the need of creating a new theme package.

- bump version to 5.9.1d11

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- avoid potential confusion on version numbers

- added usage count on theme manager

- allow only deletion, when usage_count == 0

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Add theme manager to admin pages, allowing to

- list current themes with potential modifications

- save modified themes under a new name

- delete themes

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- fix bug for host-node-mapped subsites: on the (subsite) admin-page

of a host-node-mapped subsites, the link to site-wide-admin should

always point to the main site.

- add new helper function util::configured_location to address the bug

above to return the configured location as configured for the

current network driver. While [util_current_location] honors the

virtual host information of the host header field,

util::configured_location returns the main configured location

(probably the main subsite).

- extend [util_driver_info]

* make the passed-in array name optional and to return always a dict

* include the configured host name in the result (dict/array)

- add cross references via @see to make it easier to switch between

related functions

- bump version number of acs-tcl to 5.9.1d10 and acs-subsite to

5.9.1d7 to address dependencies

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composition-rel reform:

- apply changes developed by Michael Steigman for making rel-types

configurable whether these should be composable or not

(default is: these are composable, which was up to now the only


- improved documentation of log argument lists of SQL functions

- Background:



- bump version number of acs-kernel to 5.9.1d16

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