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Put redundant query definition into generic ones

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Merged oacs-5-6 to HEAD. HEAD now installs and passes all core tests. There

may still be some lingering problems due to my screwing up the oacs-5-6

branch earlier, I'll be looking into this later.

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Cleaned up APM handling of inherited parameters so that deletion of

a dependency works well now, the parameters page with the APM only shows

parameters specified in the package (rather than include inherited ones),

and the XML file is correclty written.

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Finished up PG semantics for global/instance parameters on package upgrade.

The Tcl API stuff to do this should technically be moved down into the

oracle/PG API but 1) it's a fair amount of db-specific work and 2) people

should be using the high level constructs in the first place (and why do

people explicitly register new parameters when they're registered from the

package info file on upgrade in the first place?)

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More code dealing with instance and global parameter semantics. I finally

have a reasonable model of inheritance and semantics implemented, not

perfect from a language-theoretic point of view, but works well without

having to rewrite every bit of parameter-handling code in acs-core.

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1. Changed trigger functions from "opaque" to "trigger" to get rid of the

warnings during initial install (only for acs-kernel, there are a lot


2. Added "embeds" for postgresql and partially for oracle.

3. Added global parameters for postgresql and partially for oracle.

(oracle will be forthcoming shortly)

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Fixed the copying of inherited and descendent parameters for extending or

embedding packages.

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Merged 4.6.4d1 (unreleased) to HEAD. This marks the end of the life of the oacs-4-6 branch.

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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changing upgrade of packages to not remove parameters that are not present in the new version (this can be done explicitly in an upgrade script though). See discussion here: http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=100077

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adding missing query apm_package_install_callbacks.delete_all_callbacks

removing code no longer needed now that file listings are not stored in info files and db. I may not find time to do this change on the 4.6 branch, but the change as it's just removal of dead code.

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Upgrade to 4.6.2

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adding support for Tcl proc package callbacks. Currently only supporting after-install and after-instantiate callbacks (next up is after-mount). There is no UI yet.

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query extractor output for acs-tcl

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