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fix typo

add ad_script_abort

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replace "catch" by "ad_try"

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Fix more typos

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Move deprecated commands to a separate file

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Bug fix: avoid confusion between command argument and option, when argument starts with "-"

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Create utility to retrieve pdf information using poppler utils (https://poppler.freedesktop.org/)

This includes author, number of page, encription (yes/no), pdf version etc.

merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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don't return "0" for [util::trim_leading_zeros ""]

add compatibility function for AOLserver for ns_md5

- additional subcommand [ad_conn vhost_url] to obtain the url of host-node-mapped subsites

- solve the problem with util_current_directory via [ad_conn vhost_url]

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- Make util_current_directory subsite aware

- add [ad_conn behind_proxy_p] and [ad_conn behind_secure_proxy_p] to centralize logic

- use the new function fix [security::get_qualified_url] when running behind a proxy

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- Introduce new proc ad_sanitize_filename implementing current best practices for ensuring a valid filename on most filesystems.

- Use it in every place where filename sanitization is performed in the code and deprecate fs::remove_special_file_system_characters.

TODO deprecate also util_text_to_html? Use case of sanitizing urls and filenames might have different requirements.

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- Refactor ad_get_login_url reduce replicated code and to make semantics clearer

- ad_get_login_url handles now as well cases, where a subsite is mapped to an application package on a subsite

- fix a bug in util_current_location in connection with hostnode map

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Make encoding the url part the default behavior. Add extra exception for the trivial case of dummy url '#'.

Make url part encoding in export_vars optional by the -base_encode flag to avoid regressions in existing code (e.g. urls containing anchors)

Standardize spelling of names of products (Tcl, AOLserver, PostgreSQL, NaviServer)

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Fix spelling errors

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Fix spelling errors

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- Tcl idioms: simplify access to last character

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- fix name/address check: one should not check for the hostname (or

its IP address), but the for DNS name of the configured driver and

its IP addresses. If a host has multiple IP addresses, there might

not be a nsd driver configured on the hostname of the machine.

- make documentation more precise

- provide cross references to similar commands

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Cover case when -base flag in export_vars contains query variables and no vars are exported. By hand this is silly, but could happen in the context of dynamic url generation when vars to export are not known in advance.

The dict returned from ns_parseurl does not always contain a "port" component

URL-encode folder path (util_current_directory) if used for an HTTP redirect (ad_returnredirect).

Improve robustness of file operations against names starting with a "-"

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Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

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- new function to address problem in issue #3312: ad_urlencode_url.

This function can be passed a url with or without a location and makes

sure, that the folder_path is encoded correctly.

- use ad_urlencode_url as well in export_vars

New function ad_urlencode_folder_path to perform an urlencode operation on the segments of the provided folder path

- push coockie encoding to emulation level (naviserver does this natively, the aolserver variant handles it no the low-level functions)

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