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improve protection against attacked cookies

Fix typo

new support function util::var_subst_quotehtml to perform variable substitution with ns_quotehtml

use capitals for abbreaviation

- improve error message

- break overlong lines

remove duplicated test case

use "ad_log" instead of "ns_log" in "obscure case"

get proper default authority

reflow overlong lines

return the directory listing in templated form (when someone manages to activate the fancy directory listings)

fix for issue #3390 (typo in cmd name)

change references from "http://*tcl.tk/" to "https://*tcl-lang.org/"

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dont rely on upper/lower case on header fields

improve behavior in error cases. When the request fails early, "ad_context_node_list" might return

an empty list, such that "lindex ... 1" will fail

improve spelling and deactivate changes that were probably needed only for Firefox 2

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avoid double substitutions

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Avoid double flagging for non-optional values having "notnull" specified.

Previously, there was a complaint from "notnull" and one from "not optional"

Move xowiki tests in the xowiki package

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Fix automated test on the site node non-xotcl api when one sets the subsite to require email verification

Follow redirect to handle the vanilla dotlrn use case

add potential debugging aid

whitespace changes

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extend regression test to cover webcallable funcitons

automated tests: fix broken argument in test case

- return results as dict

- make array argument optional

- improve documentation

Mark flags as required

- fix file handling of SQL files

- add counting of blank lines

- add counting of comment lines

Let the teardown code take care of removing the site nodes (fixes tests on a vanilla core-only instance)

Unnest list idiom when we retrieve the url by package id in non-xotcl site node implementation (fixes tests on a vanilla instance with just the core packages)

Relax the test as some homepages might redirect to the login page and little assumptions can be made about the content (fixes vanilla dotlrn case)