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changing <br/> to <br> to meet html transitional validation requirements

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Zen: fieldset/legend tags are not generated anymore if the legend tag has no text

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Added form_id to section_id to build fieldset ID (was conflicting in some case with others IDs)


Added form legend div so the sections can remotely look as before...

Merged the 5.3 branch with HEAD. Look for tags with the pattern


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Zen: don't generate label tag if the form mode is 'display'

Zen: removing label from inform widget type

Zen: label should not be used for element widgets that group several form elements (radio, checkbox, date)

Zen: legend tag is mandatory so we add it even if it's empty

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Remove unecessary comment in standard.adp. Set default class to widget name for radio/checkbox fieldset

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Zen: Add fieldset and legend for form sections

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Mark Wylie's changes: adding form-label-error class; parens around required text; adding form-widget-error class

Add fieldset and legend properties for checkbox and radio widgets

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fix problem with radio and checkbox. formwidget was used instead of formgroup.widget.

implementing mark wylie's tableless design for forms

Fixes bug 2162 * not shown for required on select widget.

form errors for fields with an empty label would not highlight or show a required mark -- fixed

bug in template operator in (partial string compare) -> use seperate equality test in template

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substitued check if widget in radio checkbox with check if widget eq radio or widget eq checkbox because of bug in in-operator (only partial matching, no complete matching required)

Removed specific font-stuff in the template

Tightened the display of formgroup tables, there was too much whitespace

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i18n'd required message

Removed unnecessary tables in standard form template

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Fixed bug #860: * required mark on forms

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Renamed standard-lars to standard, and standard to blue

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Applied patch #231 - get rid of buttons multirow, and replace with submit form elements

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Fixed some noquote stuff in form templates, fixed conflicts in default-master

caused by the curriculum update and my bracketing of "if" exprs (failure to do

so causes Tcl to compile the expr every time)

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noquote changes (Dirk Gomez)

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Upgrade to 4.6.2: Form builder extensions, richtext widget, etc.

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