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Replaced another 'Yes, please' with a 'Yes'

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Internationalized spellcheck label

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Someone changed 'checked' to 'checked="checked"' on elements, which broke the display-mode of radioboxes and checkboxes. Fixed.

Started I18N work (Together with Lars)

Added namespace eval $namespace calls to each file in the tcl dir.

Rooted out some hardcoded text, replaced it with respective calls to

the i18n text catalog text function.

Shuffled around proc creation and calling, so that everything works properly.

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Fixed bug #939 reported by Lars Pind. Only display the spellcheck sub-widget in edit mode.

Cleaned up the spell-checker a bit.

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1) Replaced the spell-check radio buttons with a pull-down menu of available dictionaries.

2) Added a SpellcheckDialectsP param to let the SWA choose between just 'en' and 'fr', as opposed to 'en_CA', 'en_GB', 'en_US', 'fr_CA' and 'fr_FR' ... for instance. (It is read from spellcheck-init.tcl so it demands a server restart.)

3) The init script auto-detects all of this according to the brand of the spell-check binary, its presence, etc.

4) There is currently support for: aspell, ispell or no spell-checking.

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Added support for spell-checking to the form bulider and ad_form.

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Adding a new widget named party_search that searches in persons, groups and relsegs and offers to select one from the results.

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Applied patch #251

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Merged 4.6.4d1 (unreleased) to HEAD. This marks the end of the life of the oacs-4-6 branch.

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- Added @see line for template::util::richtext.

What I'm wondering is why did Lars put it in template::util::richtext

instead of template::widget::richtext, and if it doesn't show up

in template::widget, how does it find it?

Another chapter of "OpenACS Secrets Revealed".

Yon added an 'attachment' widget to use for uploading a number of files to a form

search widget: Check to make sure element(options) is set before unsetting it. Otherwise it would cause an error.

widget::input proc had missing close brace after merge. Using the 4.6 version of the proc verbatim as no additions on head could be found

merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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Added comment about what happens in the widget::input display mode

adds signed hidden vars. dont emit value on option list if value and label match

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Removed the search query name stuff. It didn't work, because it would get resolved in the wrong namespace

Added 'maxlength' feature on form elements, which works correctly for multibyte characters

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Migrated over changes to move some GIF resources into a common subdirectory

in the subsite package, so anyone who can read the main site can read

the images (previously you had to grant read privs to "/doc" explicitly

to get the graphics stored by acs-datetime to show up.

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1. created /acs-subsite/www/shared/images for images that need to be

readable by all who can read the main subsite

2. changed existing references to /acs-subsite/www/shared/*.gif

3. made acs-datetime use these instead of /doc/acs-datetime/pics so

it is no longer necessary to grant broad read privs to the /doc

package in order to see calendar left/right arrow widgets etc

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Upgrade to 4.6.2: Form builder extensions, richtext widget, etc.

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add more template::widget @see stuff

cross link the form, element, widget, and validate procs, add template::data::validate::string, https should be valid url

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Added richtext widget and datatype, as mentioned on the bboard thread about rich input

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Changes to how buttons work: Form-builder now takes care of determining which buttons to use, not the template; Added actions functionality to form builder

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Implemented some enhancements to the form builder:

- support a -mode switch on forms, which can be either 'display' or 'edit'. If 'display', all fields are grayed out, and the pretty value is displayed instead of the internal value (e.g. the label of the element of a list).

- support multiple buttons on the form. Used for the 'Edit' button, but can be used for other buttons as well.

- Fixed all the standard templates to include the new buttons and to use the <label> tag.

- Added an example to the documentation showing how this new display/edit mode looks.

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Removed the user data type and widget. Instead, I made a simple enhancement to the existing search widget, so we can use that instead.

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Implemented Tilman's suggestion to automatically back up when the search finds no users.

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