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adding upgrade script for a change in the db

working on accessibility issues

fixing bugs

- properties of all types

removing the creation of the first default run

now the group of users of the run is crated after the administrator manages the roles

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- creating the urls in the adp files

- moving the css to the imsld.css file

- adding a master template for the package, which is based on the zen masters to provide a "standard look"

* this master uses the zen files, like for instance, make use of the HC and STD modes

- adding a imsld.js file to centralize the javascripts

- using zen styles when possible

ther's still some work to do...

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zenifying: removing inline styles, providing alternative ways to navigate through the course when there is no javascript nor css styles

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roll back zen changes (merged to oacs-5-3 branch)

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merging (from head) zen changes to oacs-5-3 branch

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first steps in order to zenify the imsld package

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- adding support for properties of type file

* providing upgrade scripts

- adding monitor service of the properties

- fixing bugs

- adding a constraint on the evaluation of the conditions avoiding infinite loops

- now the files of the UoL can be updated/changed from the file-storage UI

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quick fix for MSIE

fix initial href loading

fullscreen in activity-frame

finishing with the support of support activities

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adding the monitor service

parsing the imsldcontent before serving it:

- replacing view-property and view-property-group with the properties values

- replacing set-property and set-property-group with html forms

cleaning the code

displaying run status

displaying the run only to the users associated with it

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roles now support runs

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changes for roles support

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use javascript tabs for the menu

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new IMSLD GUI work-in-progress

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Work In Progress code

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remove dotlrn template from the activity-frame

fix import of work-in-progress activity-frame

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