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Several fixes, mainly:

- Freeing tdom objects from memory

- Invoking on_completion triggers for acts, plays and method

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Merge from oacs-5-5.

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Removing the "Act" node from the activity tree.

Fixed the tree to take the isvisible default as true.

Showing the "select resource" message only if there is more than one resource.

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Release of version 1.8: improvements in export, HTML generation and edition fetures.

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Making use of ADP tree in the player.

Moving some queries to xql files.

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Going back to FS as default content manager.

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Making the interface totally frameless, with or without JS enabled.

Added edition capability on the cockpit for completion properties and new environment URLs.

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Adding frame-less pages.

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Merge from HEAD. HEAD was previously merged from oacs-5-3.

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Merge from oacs-5-3 to HEAD

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fixing the behavior of the player, based on several tests results

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The variable total_completed, used for counting the number of completed

activities was not initialized. I just added the line before the loop.

improving the algorithm used to display the activities tree, taking into account more possible cases (the completion restriction of the activities, etc)

adding an "eye" icon to the activities that have been viewed

using bold letters to indicate that the activity hasn't been started

fixing bugs

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Several changes on the monitor screens. Shows now a summary of user activity.

Included imsld-master.adp for all pages in GRAIL. Needed to reorg. some code

to use such template.

Added a few messages in localization hash.

Fixed a few bugs when showing the environment, variable names, etc.

Produced a template for easily produce a select statement (choice-select.adp)

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- adding support for properties of type file

* providing upgrade scripts

- adding monitor service of the properties

- fixing bugs

- adding a constraint on the evaluation of the conditions avoiding infinite loops

- now the files of the UoL can be updated/changed from the file-storage UI

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Some bugs solved

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- adding monitoring tools for the runs

- fixing bugs

- improving UI

- upgrade scripts for version 1.0

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level C of the spec:

- notifications

* modifying the data base, adding tables

* modifying the parser, adding and editing functions

* modifying the player, adding and editing functions

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finishing with the support of support activities

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bug while granting permissions in support_activities solved

fixing bugs with permissions

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grant permissions to resources while executing a run

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adding dates to the creation of the run and when an activity is first visited by a user (because in the level b expressions those values may be used)

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adding the monitor service

parsing the imsldcontent before serving it:

- replacing view-property and view-property-group with the properties values

- replacing set-property and set-property-group with html forms

cleaning the code

displaying run status

displaying the run only to the users associated with it

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changes for roles support

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1. adding the runs (imsld instances) table

1.1. every property, role and instance is related with the run instead of the imsld_id

1.2. in the status table, the run_id is also stored

1.3. adding the UI to add and remove runs

1.4. passing as an argument the run_id in every function that has to do with the player

2. instantiating properties for new run

3. instantiating activity attributes and classes for each new run

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use javascript tabs for the menu

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Work In Progress code

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make the ul tree work

fix import of work-in-progress activity-frame

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