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Further refinements to making names unique (I forgot to commit one change

yesterday, and further testing uncovered another case of undesirable


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Last commit was a bit hasty ...

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1. Fixed cache problem that caused the pageset configuration page to blow up.

2. Rather than bomb on duplicate tab and url names for pages, which can arise

when deleting then adding pages as well as admin-provided names, "uniquify"

them. The admin can, of course, then rename them to something more reasonable

if they want.

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Implemented "pretty urls" for layout managed pages, i.e. urls based on page

name rather than "?pageset_id=xxx&page_id=yyy".

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Added preliminary support for private (by user) layout-managed pages. Improved

admin UI stuff. More internationalization. Etc. Essentially "bored while

DSL down".

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Redid most of this package

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