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Replace deprecated header_stuff with head

Further UI fixing after tests to make so that actions are displayed only when the proper conditions are met

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Revision of the index page:

- pass template properties according to conventions

- streamline boolean expressions

- fix UI, show purge button and its explanation when the actual form is generated

- make sql portable and bring it inline

- better exploit api

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Change adp expression so news can be displayed

Prefer literal in adp axpressions + Whitespace changes

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Fix boolean expressions in .adp files, make termination after connection closing commands explicit

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Reverted all changes from Mannheim

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Mannheim update, fix and merge bugbash

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fix bug in subscriptions move/copy feature that appears when user can write to exactly 2 aggregators; fix link on index page; bump version to 1.0a

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coupla simple changes to index page if conditions

straightened out grouping issue in display (ran into the old issue detailed here - http://openacs.org/bugtracker/openacs/bug?bug%5fnumber=428); backing out maltes upgrade script change as it doesn't break anything and will create inconsistent data model - portlet should really be updated to fix the issue; tagging for rel v0.9.9

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fixed display issue with group tag by separating the two cases (one source/multiple sources to display) into to includible chunks

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remove debugging for multiple group by; drop title column for na_sources (not used by UI plus part of acs_objects with 5.2) and made user_id optional for source::new; still need to deal with the group by issue on index page - now, the first grouping (pub date) is not applied when there is only one source (source_id being the second grouping

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lots of little tweaks for data cleanup on uninstantiate, some more UI work, bug fixes, etc.; added daveb's sweeper proc; not tagging v0.9.8 just yet though

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change 'manage' url

add space

add ability to post item to subsite lars-blogger instances, more UI and perm tweaks. bump version to 0.9.6b

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some more UI changes based on what i saw today over at http://feeds.feedburner.com/vudici (i.e., very clean)

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tidy up an <if>

Minor tweaks to the UI and data model to better support instance awareness and manageability. The Oracle code is WAY out of date and, not having an Oracle install, I'm not going to worry about it now. Version bumped to 0.9.5b and I removed Simon from owner list as he's no longer active in the community. Release will be tagged oacs-5-1-compat but work will need to be done to get it going on oacs-5-2.

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Implemented MultipleAggregatorsP and AllowAggregatorEditP parameters in news-aggregator.

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Added and implemented EnablePurgeP parameter on news-aggregator, so the purge functionality can be turned off completely.

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Partial i18n of news-aggregator

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Minor HTML fix in news-aggregator/www/index

Support for item-level author and pubDate elements (news-aggregator)

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Use ad_returnredirect -message to display the "You have been subscribed to" channel when a user subscribes to a channel.

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Fixed various bugs so that it works in HEAD now. This version is labelled 0.6d and will carry the tag news-aggregator-0-6d

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Checked through all the conflicts between news-aggregator-0-2d and news-aggregator-0-4d and bumped version to 0.5d

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Import of news-aggregator version 0.4d (from Guan's and Simon's CVS) by Guan Yang <guan@unicast.org>

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missed one last noquote