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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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  1. … 2539 more files in changeset.
- fix for bug #3226; many thanks to Andrew Helsley for reporting

- use tcl 8.5 index expression

- bump verison number

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- fix a bug (actually in api-browser) which barfs on rendering the source, when it tries to resolve the message-keye, which require extra variables

- get rid of empty_string_p in non-deprecated code

- make use of tcl byte-code compiler

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  1. … 37 more files in changeset.
- replace deprecated acs_sc_call by acs_sc::invoke

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Rewriting acs_permission__permission_p function to use recursive queries ( available in PG since 8.4 ) and modifiying

queries around core packages to avoid checking persmissions using a subquery on the acs_object_party_privilege_map view.

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- replace deprecated command "ns_unlink" with native tcl command "file delete"

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Merged oacs-5-7 to HEAD

  1. … 167 more files in changeset.
daveb's fix from hub for urls in notifications - still is broken for host-node mapped urls

part 2 of (temp) fix - added bit to sweeper that clears out invalid (unauthorized) notif requests

added security check to notifications sweep query - without this check and with no mechanism to remove requests for users who are no longer authorized, notifications still go out. not good.

change the fullquery name, using the same namespace that the calling proc.

Merged 5.5.1 to HEAD

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Localization (level AA requirement)

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Remove unnecessary code

Added logic to send out the notification in the user language if set, fallback to system one, in case the notification content is i18n'd.

Fix extra_headers: acs_mail_lite::send uses a list of lists instead of a ns_set

Fix query. Null notif_date is supported. By adding this we can allow a notif date in the future and schedule notifications for a certain time, ie: reminders.

Only send notifs to approved users

Merged from 5.4.2

  1. … 280 more files in changeset.
Fixed problem with query on oracle. Drop condition and !>>>!notifications.notif_date < sysdate because it doesn't exist on pg query.

Adding missing space in callback definition

Fixed public procs without documentation blocks which caused automated tests

to fail. I even tried to write meaningful documentation in some cases.

Fixed constraint names that also caused automated test failures FOR PG ONLY.

Someone who used Oracle can fix the Oracle ones if they want.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
It's "sysdate", not "sysdate()", folks :)

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Broken for oracle ... not now though.

Removed some custom client code Daveb added

Fixed typo, minor clean-up, pass reply_to as switch. Still needs to be tested.

Switched from complex_send to send (which now includes the better features

of complex_send)

HTML Strict cleanup