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Provide a default value to handle cases happened during tests on a vanilla instance (e.g. xowiki create_form_with_form_instance)

Fix cases when 'selected_p' is empty, which is the default for 'ad_get_client_property'

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Prefer again 'person::name', as the proc has been reimplemented using 'person::get_person_info', which uses the new 'person_info_cache' cache.

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Whitespace changes

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Prefer 'acs_user::get_element ...' to 'person::name ...', in cases when 'person' is a user, as it doesn't rely on util_memoize_cache.

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Fix spellings

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- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the future more consistent

- prefer utf8 over iso8859

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- impreave readability and safety of HTML

Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- fix invalid api-doc variable @version

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- modernize Tcl (use byte-compiled comparisons)

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1. Merge 2.4.1 to HEAD other than assessment, imsld, lorsm, and views.

2. Bump version numbers to 2.5.0d1.

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Checkpoint 13.3 (level AA): Provide information about the general layout of a site (e.g., a site map or table of contents).

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1. Added an accessibility page that lists the available access keys and styles

2. Moved the style switcher links to the accessibility page (should go to the control panel eventually)

3. Made the "skip to main content" visible and added the link to the accessibility page in the same block

4. Added a hidden "you are here" in front of the breadcrumbs

5. Changed access keys from letters to digits as commonly done in websites that address accessibility

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Merged oacs-5-3 branch to HEAD

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Give .lrn admins nav tools to the lrn admin page, i.e. the "admin" tab

on the main navbar and the "admin" link on the dotlrn toolbar.

Merged changes to HEAD ...

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Admin tab wasn't selected because the class was misspelled.

Add parameter for showing community title or a generic name in the tab (version number will be bumped when beta release this w-e)

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1. Found something that needed localization (hardwired "admin")

2. show accesskeys from portal pages, at last!

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Added accesskey to community/course tab

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b/c sub_navigation_active is a unique identifier mark made it a css id (rather than class) -- fixing so that sub-nav css does what it is supposed to

Was using "class" to light up tabs rather than "id" ...

General template and navigation clean-up.

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Nima's commit overwrote a bunch of my changes, and other peoples too! Apparently

he didn't merge, but overwrote! NO!

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Local changes at Mannheim. Mostly merging catalog files

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Changed code to leave out the subnavbar divs if the subnavbar doesn't exist.

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Added access key message resources for theme-zen top-level nav tabs, and made

other various zen changes. BTW the values for these message resources were

just "made-up" by Mark, someone needs to think systematically about them.

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And more necessary things ... would've been nice to have received the tar

file in the first place, as was asked for!

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