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remove curly braces

remove commented out code

prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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Whitespace changes: remove trailing spaces

prefer XOTcl2 idioms

prefer XOTcl2 idioms

fix escaped change

prefer XOTcl2 idioms

Revert changes as this won't work on Aolserver

Remove catches, as -nocomplain behavior was fixed in Naviserver by https://bitbucket.org/naviserver/naviserver/commits/6008e3d0720e12f2237fbc4397daf878efc79b5c

Modernize Code: use XOTcl2 idioms, reduce instvars

Modernice Code: use XOTcl2 idiom, reduce instvars

Make ad_returnfile_background work also without libthread

white space changes and typos

improve documentation in the code, and make behavior more explicit

Add "FOR UPDATE" clauses to updating select statements

Protect against certain potential dead-locks in PostgreSQL: allow to provide sql suffixes like e.g. FOR NO KEY UPDATE for certain operations

fix typo

Bug fix: avoid confusion between command argument and option, when argument starts with "-"

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Prefer XOTcl 2.0 idioms

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    • +28
Introduce catches from downstream when cleaning up chat variables

Looks like these variables can have been removed before logging out.

Perform less aggressive cache flushing

Furthermore, allow ns_cache_flush in xo::clusterwide

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- fix bug in type checker method naturalnum. must export methid to include it in the blueprint.

- register method on nx::Slot such it can be used for object parameters and method parameters

Standardize spellings of names

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Fix potentially broken link

Fix rendering of embedded links

Ease debugging of policyies and streamline check_permissions with enforce_permissions

- handle fetch via revision_id over perpared statement