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perform script about after internal redirect

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improve spelling

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report server tag name as well to get precise version info

xo::broadcast: allow to send messages to threads seleced via pattern

improve comments

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backport from oacs-5-9, which might avoid problems with oacs 5-8 when used with recent versions of nsf

Improve documentation of public procs and methods.

some legacy cleanup

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Revert massive replacement of empty list creation sentences. The use of '[list]' instead of '{}' adds semantics that could be used for performance improvements in the future, such as using a different internal representation. There is already work in this direction, avoiding the generation of the string representation during comparison of empty strings (huge thanks to Stefan Sobernig for the pointer: https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/info/44527c632ed609c2).

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Prefer '{}' to '[list]' when creating empty lists

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removed nested expr

prefer expand operator

modernize tcl

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add valuechecker "token" for object- and method-parameters (and as well in the parameter definition of an ::xowiki::Package initialize)

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Reduce numbber of "catch" operations

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Fix typos

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improve error handling in case read operation fails

Improve robustness of code: make sure, file is always closed after open operation, even when "read" fails

Modernize Code: use XOTcl2 idioms, reduce instvars

Bug fix: avoid confusion between command argument and option, when argument starts with "-"

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- fix bug in type checker method naturalnum. must export methid to include it in the blueprint.

- register method on nx::Slot such it can be used for object parameters and method parameters

Standardize spellings of names

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Standardize spelling of names of products (Tcl, AOLserver, PostgreSQL, NaviServer, tDOM)

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- Fix more spelling errors

- Use uniform spelling of "Tcl"

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Fix spelling errors

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- Tcl idioms: simplify access to first list element

- Tcl idioms: simplify access to first character

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- avoid exception when empty list is provided

- new method for ::xotcl::Object mset: set a series of instance

variables via the provided attribute value list (as e.g. returned by

[array get], [ns_set array], ...

- implement the prepared statement handling within the scope of

a "db_with_handle", to make sure, the prepare and the subsequent

command are using the same handle (and therefore session).

- use for prepared statement caching the result of [ns_db session_id]

when available

- bump version to 0.155

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- make qn more robust, when runnin on the topLevel

Allow the use of naturalnum page parameter type with ::xowiki::Package initialize (thanks to Stefan Sobernig)

Put again naturalnum instead of integer in xowiki's permission admin page

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