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- improve commented out debug line

ensure HTML quoted content

remove hard-coded max-value

- reduce dependencies on xinha

- use repeat form field specs for mc exercises

- provide a more decent feedback on correct/incorrect answers

fix table reference

- fix table name

- provide a priority for atjobs and sorting by priorty and age on ns_job creation

- bump version number of OpenACS to 5.9.1b3 and DotLRN to 2.9.1b3

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use variable resolver instead of method for better performance

Obtain as well package_id when selecting at-jobs

Updating of German translation for many packages (many thanks to Markus Moser)

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file xowf.es_ES.ISO-8859-1.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

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Updated es_ES translation

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Italian localization for xotcl-request-monitor and xowf

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file xowf.it_IT.ISO-8859-1.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

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Bump version numbers for OpenACS 5.9.1b1

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Fix typo: form_object instead of form_id

- fix potential problem, when form objs is already preloaded

- use new function permission::get_parties_with_permission instead of direct dependency on permission tables

- add editor hints to .vuh files

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- reduce graph size for form-field "current_state"

- fix autoform loader

- bump version to 5.9.1d3

- don't report errors in the log file for script_aborts

- bump version number to 5.9.1d2

- add missing "instproc" (not sure, how this could be lost)

- add property "payload" to "WorkflowConstruct" in order to simplify

customized workflow "allocate" actions (payload might contain a dict

with the fields {name parent_id m})

- simplify form loading and document source code

- rename all xowiki methods called via url to www-OLDNAME.

This makes it clear that these pages can call

ns_return, ns_returnredirect, or ad_script_abort, etc.

- bump version numbers to 5.9.1d1

- use explicit create statments

- use explicit "create" statements

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- cleanup + remove eroneous table reference