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whitespace and spelling changes

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Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

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new parameter "fallback_languages":

Specify space delimited two character codes for checking default languages. When this parameter is non-empty, try to get the page in the specified languages as fallback rather than offering a link for creation of a page in the requested locale. Per default this paramter is empty.

return empty body in 304 replies

add missing script abort

new parameter: use_fallback_page_in_system_locale

When this parameter is set, use the page in the system locale as fallback rather than offering a link for creation of a page in that locale, when the page in the requested locale does not exist.

Bump version to 5.10.0d21

address global variable __csrf_token directly

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terminate message key properly

Allow ad_return_url to be called also, when connection is closed.

This might be the case e.g. for the search renderer. In this case, a default_url is used

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check for connection and provide fallback for return_url

Make xowf tests flexible in case a locale different than en_US is in use

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Improve m=revisions: Don't loose templating, but treat revsions like a page

Add "View" to default menu of "This Page" (when e.g. viewing revisions,

this allows to switch back to the view of the current version)

Bump version number to 5.10.0d19.

New utility function "Page.update_publish_status" which does

essentially, what admin/set-publish-status did before (update of

publish status and related handling of syndication)

New externally callable method "toggle-publish-status". This replaces

the call of admin/set-publish-status in the includelet child-resources

to make it easier usable from the xowiki security policies.

New flag "-nocleanup" for ::xowiki::datasource, to make it callable

inside arbitrary pages without loosing calling context.

Add conveniance function lappend_property in addition to get|set property

Update italian localization and fix keys

allow more flexible form field conditions via new function evaluate_form_field_condition, which can be overloaded

includelete child-resources: use ad_return_url to determine return URL

includelet unresolved-references: return "none" in case, no unresolved references are found

fix xpath expression

Chat Redesign:

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add link to syntax-rules of allowed|extra allowed content in CKEditor

formfiled ckeditor4: allow boolean value in "allowedContent" (e.g. deactivate checks alltogether)

Port from downstream a more failsafe cleanup in the importer

Remove redundant cleanup which might fail in case object does not exist (we clean up anyway in the finally branch)

Refine approach by which index page is detected in bulk-delete method: previous way would treat all first level children of the root_folder as the index page, preventing bulk deletion focused on them (e.g. folders)

new includelet unresolved-references

The includelet unresolved-references lists the pages with unresolved references

in the current xowiki/xowf package instance. This includelet is intended for

use by admins.

Put event handler inline so is attached at element creation, fix URLencoding of image deletion

Bring event handler inline to force it being attached after the upload button is added to the page

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Add missing parameter in calc_wiki_image_links_to_image_tags

See bug tracker #3372

add message key