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Return usual error messages

Comment richtext related debug logging

Remove erroneous leading underscore (leftover from earlier convention)

fix hard to find typo

fix typo

fix typo

fix: use variable resolver

XOTcl 2.0 improvements

- reduce usage of "instvar"

- make use of variable resolver instead

make all files in xowiki usable for ::xo::library require ...

Fixed typo

Add safety belt in case the page_template is not instantiated

Add feature: overwrite generated ADP files only when necessary

Cases might be:

- ADP file list

- Generator updated

merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

  1. … 7820 more files in changeset.
Fix update of categories-portlet using www- prefix. Take the chance in this untriggered update to fix discrepancies in foreign key definition hitting xowiki installations born before 0.56

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Add missing refresh to categories portlet definition after http://cvs.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS?cs=oacs-5-9%3Aantoniop%3A20170609120749 (Many thanks to Thomas Renner)

Remove erroneous leading underscore (leftover from earlier convention)

Simplify code (use NaviServer internal function)

Standardize spellings of names

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
Improve layout for checkbox-inline

Fix spellings

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
- policy3: allow file-upload for admin to make drop-zone reappear

policy3: allow clipbpoard operations add, clear, content, copy, export for admins

policy3: fix policy rule

Fix typo

add table-of-content link to default menubar

- FormPage.get_all_children: add optional argument

"-include_child_folders", which might have currently the value "none" or "direct"

- Default menu entries: distinguish between "startpage"

(menu.Package.Startpage) and "table of contents" (menu.Package.Toc)

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
- Use message keys "xowiki.menu-*" uniformly

- tighten rules for allowing edit (otherwise users can't edit e.g. coding-standards-index)

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