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further cleanup for XOTcl2

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prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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Bug fix: avoid confusion between command argument and option, when argument starts with "-"

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Bug fix: avoid confusion between text argument and option, when text starts with "-"

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fix: use variable resolver

XOTcl 2.0 improvements

- reduce usage of "instvar"

- make use of variable resolver instead

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Fix typo

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add table-of-content link to default menubar

Localize "New" in Menu-bar and improve message keys

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- add option "-path_encode" to methods "pretty_link" and "folder_path"

to allow to control, wether the result should be encoded or not

(default true)

- simplify logic around path encoding by using parameter -query of pretty_link

- Bump version number of xowiki and xowf to 5.9.1b4

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Don't double encode pretty links

Don't apply new encoding behavior to already encoded strings (many thanks to Thomas Renner)

- Fix more spelling errors

- Use uniform spelling of "Tcl"

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Change default for PreferredCSSToolkit from "yui" to "bootstrap" and for PreferredRichtextEditor from "xinha" to "ckeditor4"

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Pass parent_id to pretty link when called on package to avoid potential confusion

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- add debugging aids in case creation of nested formfields fails

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- detect when repeat fields are used in input mode: as long we have no js-support, max repeat count form fields have to be created in advance

- avoid duplicate generations for form fields in some cases

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- use for hex codes 2-digit notation \xHH to make it compatible for tcl8.6

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Execute security::csrf::validate only for non __batch_mode requests - Many thanks to Günter Ernst.

New parameter omit_field_name_spec for create_raw_form_field proc in order to override defaults on specs. This is still lacking the parameter setting logic.

- user "info commands" rather than "info command"

- use addEventListener instead of onclick markup for wiki-search,

edit-tags and popular-tags

- fix popular tags link

- regenerated template files

- added scp directives for yui

- bump version number to 5.9.1d12

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- renamed array variables passed to xowiki-templates from

"property_doc" and "property_body" simply to "doc" and "body":

reasoning: this makes it more uniform to use this variables already

in the xowiki .adp files with the same name as in the master


- added @body.menubarHTML@ to allow the higher level master templates

to place the menubar. On the longer range, we might even prefer

@body.menubar@ to pass a generic (skin-agnostic) representation.

- replaced the hard wired placement of the menubar by a adp-controlled


- added @body.title@ to provide a title suitable for <h1> in contrast

to @doc.title@ which is for <title>. Prefer usage of @body.title@

over @title@, but the latter variable is still provided.

- added csrf protection for wiki-search

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- move adp templates from xowiki/www to xowiki/resources/templates

- improve validity checking on tags (e.g. in path notation) to avoid

potential pg errors on invalid UTF-8

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- add csrf protection (bulk-delete, save operations in FormPages)

- add input checking for optional query-parameter "master"

- bump version number to 5.9.1d8

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- add scrf protection for dropzone

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- don't try to normalize_name when it is empty

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- made dropzone a first-class member of the menubar. Now the dropzone

can be configured like all other menubar entries per-folder via

extra_menu_entries (form field in the folder form) or parameter

ExtraMenuEntries (see example below)

- made dropzone configurable (xowiki-uploader-procs.tcl)

One can now specify per dropzone the actions to be performed

with the uploaded content (sample uploaders are provided

with ::xowiki::UploadFile (produces ::xowiki::File entries) or

::xowiki::UploadPhotoForm (produces FormPages for photo.form).

This can serves as a boilerplate for other drop operations

like creating workflow instances or forums postings via drag&drop.

- added mode-handler (xowiki-mode-procs.tcl): The mode handlers

provide easy handling for querying and switching per-session modes

(like eg admin-mode, developer-mode, student-mode, ...). Depending

on the mode different ui options might be offered. Sample with

::xowiki::mode::admin provided, which is per default on, when the

user has admin rights in the current package.

- added modebutton as first-class member of the menubar.

This is currently only supported by the bootstrap renderer,

which displays this as a ios like slider button in the menubar

(see config example below)

- example extra_menu entries:

{clear_menu -menu New}

{entry -name New.Page -label #xowiki.new# -form en:page.form}

{entry -name New.File -label File -object_type ::xowiki::File}

{dropzone -name DropZone -label DropZone -uploader File}

{modebutton -name Admin -label admin -button admin}

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- added support for HTML5 attribute "multiple" to form-field "file"

(requires updated naviserver for handling multiple files via [ns_getform])

- added dropzone to xowiki menubar

(easy means for uploading one or many files to the current folder)

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