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prefer absolut object references over ids

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- modernize code (remove "my")

- prefer fully qualified commands based on IDs

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Fix typos

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- add editor hints

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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* use new interface in order to be able to use dbi-*

* updated dependencies

* bumped revision number

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- remove potentially created objects on failed imports

- perform a manual "ns_conn close" on exports to avoid potential junk

at the end of the export file.

- allow to include party-ids of groups (in a minmal fashion)

- add comments to export-files to make it easier to read.

- add publish status for folder listings (method "list")

- added admin-callable method "use-template" to reassign

FormPages to different Forms

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remove extra colons

Restoring xowiki code to yesterdays state. Hopefully getting rid of today's unwanted commits.

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revert previous change

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- some refactoring of import/export code

- new helper object for exports

- first draft of clibboard functionality (currently just for admins,

only useful currently for the experimental menubar

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- support export of subitems

- making export more robust for missing values

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- rewrite of import/export

- handling of child-objects during import/export

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fixing a potential bug in export in connection with PageInstances

make export more robust

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new attribuites for ::xowiki::FormPage: assignee and state

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- providing import/export for formfields user_id

- some methods renamed since they are more general now

- generalizing export

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- change output of export to streaming mode to avoid timeouts on reverse proxies, when a large number of pages is exported

setting import file binary to avoid end-of-line translation problems

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Use the new interface for instance_select_queries provided by xotcl-core 0.71

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adapting xowiki to use the new interface of xotcl-core

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adding the release version of xowiki and xotcl-core to the oacs-5-3 branch

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file export.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:25 +0000

handling export of selected objects, include always object required for the selection to avoid surprises

supporting import/export of xowiki items of type ::xowiki::File

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Version 0.36. evaluation contexts, prototypes, direct includes, better weblog, security management enhancements, better notification management, some bug fixes, ... and tabs replaced by spaces...

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cleanup objects after export, fix for user provided template code (variable template in folder objects).

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upgrade to 0.18, support for text/enhanced, nicer links for pages, import and export of pages (export file can be used for import; use this e.g. for transfer pages to a different package instance or to a different oacs installation)

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