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Don't kill the whole search page if a datasource or other proc fails on one item. Log info on the error.

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ecommerce now has an efficient way of generating a list of categories that each product uses for including with product display page ecommerce/www/product etc

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Added lorsm and news includelet alias

Added chat-includelet alias

Filter on apm_application to build the list of packages that can be mounted in a subsite

Add overflow for portlet style so the border will wrap around the inner content

Changed index.vuh to use the new rp_form_update proc rather than rp_form_put,

since page_num was already being passed along by some packages.

Removed index.adp and index.tcl because they've been moved to serve.tcl and

serve.adp, which are referenced by index.vuh.

Added rp_form_update, like rp_form_put but calls ns_set update instead of

ns_set put.

Spanish translation

Improve the RSS content format

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Fix param value to pass to calendar-item-type. Actually should use the existing cal-options includelet available in calendar instead of recoding that part here

Make sure you always cascade when dropping the views or it will fail.

Changed db_flush to use the ns_cache names pattern construct to only return

the matching names, rather than return all names then flush those that match

the pattern (I was unaware that names took a pattern arg, how embarrasing!)

Fixes Bug#3176 remove extra column from subquery in where clause

Show the pool name in the report. It might be handy and otherwise why are we collecting it.

Don't overwrite error value when replacing bind variables

Added encoding to params for webspell otherwise we would get unexpected results when checking languages that use extended characters (e.g. spanish)

Added link to the tutorial. Page cleanup.

Added link to the OpenACS tutorial. Page cleanup

Fix HTML of the list of links

Move background image definition into the "style" attribute

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Added content type and charset in HEAD block.

INcludes also previous changes from Gustaf for xinha support

Remove link to viewvc since we'll use fisheyes only from now on

Updated documentation to reflect the implementation of symbolic URLs, and

some other features that had been implemented since the documentation was


Fixes Bug#3188 Fix query names in merge user callback for notifications. Also fixed in forums package

Allow for localization of tab names. Doesn't quite work the way we want

as the name is localized when displayed in the edit box (should look at

using ad_form but it's not simple ...)

More db-dependent stuff separated out.

Moved db-dependent queries to the right place.

More "extends" fixing

adding util_current_location_node_id, adding feature to ad_context_bar_multirow to automatically adapt when serving host_node_mapped urls