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bugfixes, performance enhancements and Sloan layout/presentation changes

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Rewrote the tabbed master to use the user portal theme to decorate application


use db_get_dbhost to get host for windows remote connections to work bug 1258 fix by John Sequeira

stripping off trailing space in the text of temporary tags on syntax <# key text #>. Checked new functionality with test case.

on the message edit page - adding info about who did the first translation and when

add a url to the message and the forum and subject of the original message. bug 1271

fix for bug 1433, PermissionCacheP used memoize on non list thing which would break with empty object_id etc

Fixed bug 1651 (more complete comments in HEAD)

default sort order to last_child_post,desc; bug 1652

1. Added an upgrade directory for Oracle. Have we never had upgrade scripts

for Oracle? Is it being maintained?

2. Added Barry Book's fix for 1651, which had earlier been fixed in PG.

3. Bumped version from 1.6 to 1.7 so the upgrade script can run.

internationalizing tcl include scripts (in the lib dir) used in simplay

post numbering was broken because it was using the parent message_id for all messages

internationalizing the email notificaitons. TODO: make sure the locale used for the email matches the preference of the receiving user

internationalizing the email notificaiton part of workflow. TODO: make sure the locale used for the email matches the preference of the receiving user

add some docs to ad_script_abort

added work plan for production upgrade

warn on value provided for non-existent arg for package_exec_plsql

added notes on production upgrades

Proc lang::message::format (used by lang::message::lookup) - implementing ability to have embedded array variables in I18N messages on syntax %var_name.key_name%. Adding corresponding test case.

using the possibility to have embedded array variables in I18N messages

making list_related_items proc also select mime_type with the revision switch

cosmetic change of file filter

converting adp files to using the message catalog. Starting to convert tcl script in the simbuild directory

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file simulation.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

adding support for variables embedded in I18N messages to have the noquote instruction (from the corresponding adp variable). TODO: make sure we do ad_quotehtml and lang::util::localize on the embedded variables. Adding the proc convert_percentage_signs_to_adp_variables that we don't currently need, but I'm leaving it in in case it would be useful later on.

Changed "f" default to "0" to fit boolean expression

Fixed a couple of missing package_id checks

Got the tabbed master to work ...

merging last stable with HEAD

Added diagram of page rendering