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updated some links

added forgotten user_id in query

updated to be usable with ad_form

now uses ad_form

updated new to be usable with ad_form

Added additional documentation ...

300 characters for a response from Authorize.net proved not to be enough when each field is enclosed in quotes like ".

Fixed bug that allocated billing address to the order as shipping address.

add search files to cvs

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Cleaned up the display so it's possible to figure out what's going on, and which headers and input fields and links are grouped together.

Updated to use acs-reference/ref-countries

Initial Revision

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Initial Revision

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Delete now works. Got rid of Contact references


minor cleanup

Passed up context_bar to master

Deleted affix/suffix as they are not used yet

Got rid of PG'sms

Added files for oracle data model.

Deleted some non-used files.

mount cr for virtual url refs in oracle

minor fixes

workflow in cms working on oracle

fixed relating items to other content items

updating oracle workflow

updating oracle workflow

add checks to see if survey requested actually exists

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hacking on publishing workflow to make it compatible with workflow 4.3 - pg version seems to work now, but I pity the fool that actually tries to use it

deprecate old procs, add -public flags for public functions, some docs

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typo: order left out of sql stmt. bug 1738/patch 444