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Extracted sql from .tcl to .xql

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Updated install utilities with the latest from xarg, which, surprisingly,

still exists. Thanks to Rob and Lee Dennison for the enhancements.

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fixing shipping price calculation/display bug when using new value-based shipping price adjustment option

fixing the sorting of categories when creating new ones, adding a proc that standardizes/fixes all categories when ordered somewhat incidentally, adding a draft pagination proc.. will be drastically changed soon probably.

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fixing a nextval, and removing extraneous quotes on other nextval references

Added preliminary support for private (by user) layout-managed pages. Improved

admin UI stuff. More internationalization. Etc. Essentially "bored while

DSL down".

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Adding script that imports role memberships from a URL

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Fixes to proc that creates role groups based on a DOM object

- reduce verbosity

More localization! Better configuration!

Default to a nicer package mount name when adding an application to a

layout managed subsite.

Fix top add question link to add after parameter

Fix upgrade numbering based on previous version number from oacs-5-4

Merge assessment from oacs-5-4

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Package url was simply given as "http://openacs.org". Bad.

Fixed an error in my layout subsite theme.

Changed ownership of subsite related includelets, since we're a subsite

package ourselvesn now.

*** empty log message ***

- ignore errors during at_delete in destroy operations

- ignore errors during at_delete callback in destroy operations

- send content for bulk actions in lists via POST

- send bulk actions via POST

- reduce verbosity

- reduce verbosity

Minor blank page uninitialized variable problem :)

Last commit of Javier Morales work integrating imsld with assessment.

After all these years, noticed that acs-subsite was not part of the modules


New admin files to convert the current subsite to a descendent of its

current package psuedo-type.

Added layout-managed-subsite

New file for figuring out the current layout manager derived package.