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Fixed bug #657: Create admin rel segment for main site

Let the page title say whether installation failed or not

Choose visibility of new community (really, whether we inherit permissions from main site or not)

Small change to www/members/index.tcl, which allows non-registered visitors

to see a partial email address. Assuming they are permitted to see the members

list in the first place, of course.

Forgot to set initial-install, I thought it actually resolved the dependencies, but alas ...


allowing commenting in file-storage by default. Noquoting so that commenting actually works

Fix my own bug. My check for admin priviledges in tcl/subsite-procs.tcl

was out of context and didn't work.

Resolves bug #851. Added two new parameters, MembersCanInviteMembersP and

ShowMembersListTo, and made the subsite pages and Tcl procs honour them.

In particular subsite::get_section_info{}.

making party_search widget queries do a lower() on the search_string

removing xql files not needed now that grant page uses Tcl procs instead

making permission grant page use tcl procs and removing two xql files no longer needed

Made ref-timezones part of acs-core (as per bug #914)

FIxed bug #914: Require ref-timezones

Changed the version number to 0.4 (it was already done partially)

more lc_get related fixes. Making sure output is not too verbose.

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message key cleanup: adding missing required key. Removing days_ago key not used. Using acs-kernel.common_add key

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adding new shared message key for Add

adding message keys lost during export from translation server

This fixes a problem with deleting an unmounted package instance.

If you added and mounted, say, a subsite instance, unmounted and then

attempted to delete it through sitemap->Manage unmounted applications, you

would get an error. It seems site_node::get_node_id_from_object_id doesn't

even fail for an unmounted package, returning the empty string in this case,

and the catch test doesn't trip. Now we explicitly test for the node_id

being set to a sensible value.

removing I18N messages no longer used (almost 200). Collapsing certain keys to make translation easier. Our message key structure is still too fragmented in many places (we have too many keys)

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Small addition to the fix for bug #875 committed by Mark Aufflick.

Non-registered guests now get to see a partial email address in plain text.

collapsing I18N message keys for easier translation

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I broke a test case when I changed the way spellcheck_properties works ...

collapsing I18N message keys for easier translation

collapsing I18N message keys for easier translation

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message key collapsing to make translation easier

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collapsing keys on the user bulk upload page to keys that are better translatable

Removed comment lines I'd forgotten to remove ...

Added support for spell-checking to the confirm page.

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