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Added my little script to make proc names into links to api-doc

file api-docify.sh was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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Made all API calls mentioned links to API-doc

Package developer's guide completed

Updated to make use of workflow's get_activity_html's new ability to output the header for the new action.

Updated get_activitiy_html to be able to spit out the header for a new action

Re-fixed the file watching problem when you're coming from the 'reload changed' page

changing proc apm_header to use ad_context_bar instead of deprecated ad_admin_context_bar. Adding a proc doc to clarify that apm_header is only for APM UI pages.

changing to use ad_context_bar instead of deprecated ad_context_bar_ws_or_index

finishing the cleanup of the context bar soup. Deprecating ad_admin_context_bar and making it invoke ad_context_bar which is now the canonical proc for all context bars. Also making previously deprecated procs ad_context_bar_ws and ad_context_bar_ws_or_index invoke ad_context_bar. Updating various proc documentations to reflect recent changes

adding the form builder float data type on the 4-6 branch (previously added on head)

adding proc ad_assert_arg_value_in_list on 4-6 branch (it was added previously on head)

Lars didn't remove all traces of My Workspace in the context bar in previous commit so I completed that job.

Cleanups, removing unnecessary code

Added more information

Typos and cosmetic changes

Bumped version to 1.0

Updated to require latest version of workflow, which adds an API for storing and retrieving workflow log entry data, and then uses that API to store the data. Had to bump up the version number to require a new workflow package.

Bumped up version number to 1.0d1

Added API for setting and getting workflow log data

Added a.bt_navbar:visited, so mozilla-based browsers display the visited link right.

seems the portrait code was copied over from the acs-subsite community member page, however, they forgot to change the relative url in the links to the portrait and portrait-bits pages. Fixed that by using absolute URIs to those pages under the main site (prefixing with /shared/).

Moved the extra workflow::case-namespace procs up so they're under the right heading

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Removed stale debug logging statements

Removed the 'will be localized' part of the description of the GetPrettyName operation on service contracts, since for 4.6.x, it won't.

Added display of implementation owner, and added display of implementations when you click to view a contract.

file contract-display-oracle.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

file contract-display-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

adding the float datatype that can be used by the form builder. Making the integer datatype accept a leading plus and making the message say invalid integer instead of invalid number