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Port group-type maintenance (no attributes yet)

Use semicolon as argument name / default value separator, instead of

colon (makes it easier to use in pl/pgsql)

Fixed type (ad_doc to ad_proc, my fingers got confused by the old proc_doc).

More Porting Tcl pages

initial port to postgresql

Initial port

stores content as "file" in content repository. Comments working

moved acs-object-util from site-wide search to kernel

moved files from site-wide search. It makes more sense to have them in the kernel.

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Fixed error in bookmarks__new; context_id was not being set in acs_objects for all bookmarks -- added dead links checking

Finished form-procs.tcl

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1. Added a check that PG was initdb's with the collation order for

characters that we expect.

2. Jon added a "sql/common" directory for the insert statements which

load data for acs-references, so I added a new datamodel type "common"

to the APM.

3. Created a new db API routine that returns true if a given db_type is

compatible with the current RDBMS.

4. Added a workaround for a PL/pgSQL "execute" bug in acs-workflow (other

cases had been fixed previously by others but this one was missed)

5. Diddled a couple of .info files using the APM.

93% done with porting form-procs.tcl. Stopped at add_basic_revision. Will finish this today (sunday).

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The query extractor had never been run on this, oops, and there were a

couple of rownum references and package calls ... works now even if you

enable user switching.

Initial version of bboard-portlets, grabbed from aD's repository.

Initial revision

files that were originally in site-wide search - ported by Neophytos Demetriou. Files were moved to the kernel, because it made sesse to do so

Fixed seq/sequence in static-pages-create.sql

XQL files missing from previous commit

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Fix APM to allow for LSB-compliant Paths. It didn't allow "www" in the

path of packages.

more fixup

More fiddling.

Fixing commit emails.

Adding commit email support

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Datamodel loads in postgresql. Beginning work on Tcl

added missing declare

added .xql files for www/admin/orders directory

fixed search query

fixed money_select query

used db_map for dynamic queries with date calcs