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added missing upgrade and qmail.rc.txt files

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Updated developer's guide.

clarifying in ad_form documentation that the form block must be extended to completion before the action blocks such as select_query are defined

extensions to support editing multiple cr items simultaneously

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adds signed hidden vars. dont emit value on option list if value and label match

is_valid_child needs relation to determine if its a valid child. needs upgrade script

Removed the commented out version.

fix by Jarkko of bug 434

Merging fixed from oacs-4-6

Bump info file version to coincide with upgrade script

Adding upgrade file for change is pl/pgsql functions

file upgrade-1.2-1.3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

Changed varchar(400) variable declaration to varchar in pl/pgsql functions.

sorting the package select query on the start page so that the grouping by initial_install_p works

fix hardcoded security_context_root of 0

site-map UI: fixing setting of context_id when creating new packages. The old query would bomb when parent_id was null (the Main Site)

Adding quick-add bar for applications in the site-map. Adding a delete link for site-nodes that will also delete any mounted package.

when deleting Bug Tracker packages I got a referential int constraint violation since in bt_project.delete an attempt was made to delete a CR content folder before the referenceing row in bt_projects. Changing order of deletion. Providing upgrade script. New version is 1.2d6

Small documentation clarification in util_ns_set_to_list and util_list_to_ns_set.

Used wrong applet key for homework

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Added homework to the default applets.

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Fixed bug introduced by, I believe, changes made by Lars elsewhere

Changed text to reflect the fact that we require PG 7.2 or better

Trivial tweak to syntax of db_available_pools proc.

Added acs/database DB API config section.

Completed db_* api multi-database support. Can now use db api for

both Oracle and PostgreSQL at the same time.

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Fixed some minor html errors

Forgot to set one kernel param in my initial version

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Hacked a simplified version of the old dotLRN install document that now

matches reality. Needs more work. Needs to be docbook. We need real

documentation. etc etc.

file dotlrn-install.html was initially added on branch dotlrn-1-0.

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