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Bumped remaining packages to 5.6.0b2

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  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Removed troublesome unique constraint

file apm-callback-procs.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-6.

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Needed to drop bio_mime_type attribute values, too ... this is removed

as it was never actually used so no need to copy it into the persons


Had to remove the drop/create of cc_users because some obscure views make

use of it. No existing code expects cc_users to contain "bio" anyway, so

recreating the view was a matter of tidiness, not need. Drop ... cascade

would work but would break ecommerce and dotlrn-ecommerce, and likely some

other packages, so this seems the lesser of two evils.

- add parameter "-package_ids to form-usages"

- let user configure "buttons" of form-usages via @table_properties

- add "button" named "no-view" to form-usages to avoid creating an

auto-link to view the content

- require per default admin permissions to view/edit a form

- added automatic form-variable "@current_url@", similar to "@current_user@"

- Page.create-new: allow to provide initial name and instance attributes

- Page.create-new: form-parameters stronger than query-parameters for provided

package_id and parent_id

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Added checking to ensure the course is scorm 2004, and removed my

commented-out catch/error message ...

revising compile to handle iteration variables automatically, untested

params variable was accumulating parameters from previous calls to template::head::add_css. Re-seting params list on the right place.

todays revisions to model complilation

- add parameter "-parent_id" to form-page includelets: form-menu, form-menu-button, form-usages

- add parameter "-form" to includelet form-menu

- remove unused method "create-child" of Class ::xowiki::Page

- added automatic form-variable "@current_url@", similar to "@current_user@"

- added partial means to simplify posting of new formpages.

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- make require_package_id_from_url more robust in cases, where the url is not provided (e.g. empty)

adding model compiliation routine -draft

Fixed up some "bio" related upgrade stuff, including protection against

trying to upgrade sites that had already applied the upgrade against 5.5

(that script didn't make it into the repository however).

Fixed two constraint naming errors.

left/right calculations on cp_tree were incorrect, so I both simplified and

fixed the code.

Modified tree to simplify it and provided a comment with a couple of

query examples.

Removed ilias user table.

Refactored the import pieces so they can be used to create a course from

a dynamically created manifest, which is necessary for authoring tools.

Some of these pieces will move to scorm-core eventually, leaving the importer

containing only stuff directly associated with importing from a packaged


Give a nice error message when trying to deliver non-existent content, as

happens when one creates an entirely empty course and then tries to play


Sets initial install

- Moves support for 3 chars language codes to ref-language

- Adds dependencies to ref-language and ref-countries

- Bumps version number

Bumps version number

Adds ref-language to core

Adds support for ISO-639-2 language codes (3 chars)

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- make sure to use names, not paths to resolve site-wide pages

- first draft auf maintenance function transform_root_folder

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The post/pre test version of scorm.com's golf course crashed the RTE. I

tested on MGH's Ilias install and it crashed it as well, so it's not something

we've introduced in our porting effort. I've fixed it, it involved improper

handling of the children of invisible nodes in the activity tree. I've also

made it possible to put all script file references in the document's HEAD

section. The initial call to scorm_init is still in the body and should

probably be moved to a function and called by an onload() event.

Fixed minor problem that caused an initialization error when running with

enable debugging off.

- Fixes typos in ctl files

- Adds new iso-639-1 language codes

- Adds iso-639-2 language codes (3 chars) data file. Will add datamodel and logic for it very soon

- Bumps version number to 5.6 serie for future inclusion in core

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Bumps version number