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- use default master

- improve navigation via context bar on documentation pages

- use general master

- get rid of deprecated ad_header and ad_footer

- fix master template

- fix examples

- check for tcl version 8.5

- remove obsolete information

- improve independence from local vs. global driver configuration

- fixing a wierd interaction between a db_foreach and db_transaction, which leads to wierd values in parameters. Moving from db_foreach to db_list_of_lists repairs the test case.

- modernize tcl

- fix for bug #3065.

- change broken logic for obtaining results from the spell checker in order to distinguish between empty results and errors

- in case aspell is configured incorrectly return the error message only once

- add missing message keys

- add message keys

- replace deprecated "cr::keyword::item_assign" by "content::keyword::item_assign"

- replace deprecated "ad_parameter" by "parameter::get"

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- use property "doc(title)" instead of "title"

- replace deprecated "ad_permission_p" by "permission::permission_p"

- replace deprecated "template::util::quote_html" by "ad_quotehtml"

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Adding missing and.

Removing extra space on pkg version no.

- modernize tcl

- don't do want aolserver/naviserver does anyhow

- fix for bug in request processor that leads to Errors of the form: "failed to redirect '404': exceeded recursion limit of 3" in the error.log

- fix provided privilege for permission::require_permission

Download package depends no more on acs-mail package. Instead acs_mail_lite api is used.

missing ';'.

Avoid usign deprecated ad_require_permission. Using permission::require_permission instead.

- the template "above" this one still needs the variable "title"

no need to split line into 2.

catalog files for bug-tracker orginally added on oacs-5-2 branch.

Populating new column workflow_id in case there were already workflows assigned to porjects.

- standardize expression

- modernize tcl

- fix a bug (actually in api-browser) which barfs on rendering the source, when it tries to resolve the message-keye, which require extra variables

- fix bug with exporting multiple "unnamed files" to the file-system

When there are multiple "unnamed files" in a directory,

the constructed full_name might exist already. This

would lead to an error in the "file copy"

operation. Therefore, the code generates a new name with an

alternate suffix in such cases.

- fix gor bug #3174. subsites disappeared from sitemap, when a hard coded value was surpassed