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- replace deprecated "cc_email_from_party ..." by "party::email -party_id ..."

- replace deprecated "cc_lookup_email_user ..." by "party::get_by_email -email ..."

- use export_vars to generate full URL

- use explicit "create" statement

- user "info commands" rather than "info command"

- use explicit create statement

- mark cc_* functions as deprecated, since more general functions exists in acs_user::, party::, or group:: namespaces

- make protocol-agnostic links for gravatar

- use ns_md5 when available

- add CSP directive

- make unsafe-inline optional in CSP for legacy browsers: add automatically "script-src 'unsafe-inline'" when scripted body_scripts are used

- setting namespaced variable ::acs::kernel_id for future use

- move comment to the right place

- Refine security policies: when necessary, define both a nonce and a

'unsafe-inline' to ensure compatibility on some less adavanced


- use same "secure" setting for ad_session_id, otherwise, just the

last one is honored

- fix linefeed and semicolon in js for focus handling

- fix gravatar image computation

- replace deprecated tags in documentation page

- replace depreacated tags in documentation pages

- replace deprecated tags in doc pages

- improve checking of image_ids

- replace deprecated tags in documentation pages

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- replace deprecated tags

- add templated doc file

- add templated file

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- use template::add_body_script to allow more strict CSP

- fix css in generator procs

- add csp-collector

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file csp-collector.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

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- fix test condition

- fix brace

- fix braces

- don't add a bodyscript for every day

- clean dirty editor buffer

- replace onclick handler by eventlistener (for more strict CSPs)