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- fix links and unify names

  1. … 318 more files in changeset.
- fixing broken links

Fixed typo on German translation

Allow the use of naturalnum page parameter type with ::xowiki::Package initialize (thanks to Stefan Sobernig)

Put again naturalnum instead of integer in xowiki's permission admin page

Fix generation of event handlers for HTML in file-storage plugin popup

- one more typo

- fix recent editing bug

- improve handling of sitewiede-admin pages (especially in services)

Fix typo in proc doc

Remove changes not meant to be committed

Fix bug when uninstalling packages having been upgraded over time

acs_privilege_descendant_map is obsolete: http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=5330206

Align text with what's in the code: The special directory name is sitewide-admin...

- fix typo

- add new functions:

* download: install editor locally

* add_editor: provide function for other packages to add the editor to the current page

Remove possibly leftover definition of category_tree__new/9 stored procedure.

It can still be present on old upgraded installations, conflicting with the new one (different argument types...)

file upgrade-1.1.3d6-1.1.3d7.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

- Don't set legacy configure parameters in new installations

- Make clear in parameter description in acs-templating, that this is

not the place, where xinha/tinymce should be configured

- Improve warning messages about usage of legacy parameters (tell admin what to do)

- no need for element-wise setting of array columns

- no need for intermediary variable

- fix documentation of acs_user::get: list full set of returned

attributes in documentation

- acs_user::get: return dict, when no argument "-array" is provided

Replace naturalnum with integer, as the first doesn't work with ::xowiki::Package initialize

- adding missing "www-" prefix

- make sure, that the sec_handler's global variables are always set (also in error cases, blocked bots, etc.)

- use more consistent quoting

- Fix site-wide-status-change so it doesn't require an implicit (broken) cast to boolean

- Pass permissions context to tree-form.adp so admins of xowiki instances can create and map categories there

Bugfix: when creating a paginator, queries containing $ variables cannot be passed by name and resolved by the

internal paginator machinery, because those vars won't be available in the expected evaluation scope when calling db_map.

Probably db_map could be made more clever about this, but as a simple solution for this case I have just made so the

pagination query is computed in the caller level and passed to the paginator directly.

- improve documentation

- add nonces to script elements

- change onload attribute into proper onload handler

- add nonces to script tags

- add body handlers

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