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- replace "<include ... />" by "<include ... >", since adp parser in

AOLserver and NaviServer passes "/" as argument to the adp-include.

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Get rid of unneeded variable "start_time_fine" and return long db warnings with fractions of a second

Remove unneeded test and improve documentation

Improve documentation

- remove unneeded braces

Use <kbd> instead of deprecated <tt>

- quote HTML attributes

- replace "<include ... />" by "<include ... >", since adp parser in

AOLserver and NaviServer passes "/" as argument to the adp-include.

Fix error message returned for invalid dates

Ensure, that dt_julian_to_ansi returns date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD as indicated in the documentation

get rid of warnings "attempt to use a nonstandard variable name in form. / "

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Fix typo

- switch from db_0or1row (plain forwarder to the db_0or1row command)

to a construct based on an explicit db_with_handle, using as well

the new "mset" methods

- update dependencies

- bump version to 5.9.1d18

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- new method for ::xotcl::Object mset: set a series of instance

variables via the provided attribute value list (as e.g. returned by

[array get], [ns_set array], ...

- implement the prepared statement handling within the scope of

a "db_with_handle", to make sure, the prepare and the subsequent

command are using the same handle (and therefore session).

- use for prepared statement caching the result of [ns_db session_id]

when available

- bump version to 0.155

- build prepared statements more eager - for the time being

add regexp, which did not make it to the CVS so far

Prettify code

- tighten page contract

Revive installing by apm file from the UI

- tighen page contracts

- tighten page contracts

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- tighten page contracts

Fix apm tarball file generation (many thanks to Michael Feurstein for report)

Use prepared statements for get_references

Use prepared statements for last_visited updates

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set id under quotes, otherwise IE raises an error (many thanks for felix spotting this)

- improve proc documentation

- Make security::locations aware of potentially multiple drivers listening on multiple ports

- use "ns_driver info" when available

Use namespace qualifiers instead of the Tcl "global" command

- tighten page contracts