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Fix more broken links and regenerate documentation

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Fix typo in previous commit

Don't steal anybody's address nor email, especially if people was banned. Fail and give a message instead.

Fix potentially broken link

Fix more morken links and regenerated documentation

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Fix rendering of embedded links

Fix broken link

Fix broken links and regenerate documentation

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Improve message

make field host_node_id optional to improve backward compatibility

add handling of host_node_id

modernize adp include

Use ad_script_abort everytime one issues ad_return_complaint, or subsequent errors will trigger without the user noticing

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Prevent user from triggering db error by entering too big subjects

simplify idiom

Fix cases of this portlet being called on trees without categories.

Modernize list assign idioms

fix broken links

Port some improvements from Learn@WU codebase:

- check whether chat room exists exploits cache

- chat room retrieval enriches with some acs_objects metadata

Fix potential errors when we try entering a chat room that has been deleted and check for its activity status

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- Introduce new proc ad_sanitize_filename implementing current best practices for ensuring a valid filename on most filesystems.

- Use it in every place where filename sanitization is performed in the code and deprecate fs::remove_special_file_system_characters.

TODO deprecate also util_text_to_html? Use case of sanitizing urls and filenames might have different requirements.

fix broken links

Fix broken link

Fix broken link

Make sure message exists when dealing with a banned user

Deal with Mauricio's NaviServer modification (fixes issue #3319)

fix broken links

Update documentation (e.g. fix broken links)

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- make policy3 more consistent and better usable with workflows

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Ease debugging of policyies and streamline check_permissions with enforce_permissions

Return an error if dependency is missing.

This happens if the (info file of the) required package is not present.

This solution is a bit dirty, but better than throwing the tcl error

"no such variable: spec_file"

Add another constraint name variant as it existed in our production system