antoniop in OpenACS

Replace upstream references to ::xowiki::get_raw_request_body and ::xowiki::read_file/::xowiki::write_file to the ::xo:: namespace

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Refactor file read/write xowiki utilities as xotcl-core utilities,

as webDAV will use them, remove leftover references to xowiki in dav-procs.tcl

found after freshing on a fresh instance

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Port of downstream webDAV interface and a reference xowiki-based storage backend


- this implementation supports only a limited set of clients which is currently hardcoded

- no locking is currently implemented. Storage managers such as xowiki can mitigate this using versioning... but you have been warned

Currently supported clients:

- Cyberduck:

- WinSCP:

- davfs2:

- Gnome Virtual File System

- other neon-based dav implementations might work fine (at your own risk)

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Don't include Se as a tested proc, as not being a openacs class will make loading fail

Fix backslashes

Remove ns_parseurl from list of tested procs, as not being a openacs proc will trigger an error at load time

Test also the portrait api (exploit the fact that we are already creating bogus users), move helper procs to the beginning so they can be found by the testing machinery

Trim whitespace

Cache the portrait in the right cache (Thanks to Felix Mödritscher)

Translation of file descriptor must be binary as well when flushing in-memory payload to the spool file, or we would corrupt this content

util::http performance improvements:

- cache util::http::available as namespace variable, as in the worst case it would go to the db

- replace array idioms with dict idioms

Trim whitespace

Trim whitespace

Repair form validation of URL

New test to check whether configured news feeds look ok

Fix typo or this file would not load

Trim whitespace

Replace array idioms with dict idioms

Display warnings in the test results page

Declass constraint names breaking the very strict OpenACS naming convention from errors to warnings

Rationale: it is sometimes impossible to have constraint names that are both < 30 chars and consistent with the naming scheme 'table_name'_'column_name'_'constraint_type' for all those defined on a particular table (see e.g. acs_named_objects).

Breaking this convention might be suboptimal, but is not harmful in itself.

Make string_truncate behave as before (looking for spaces at end_position + 1) and therefore not breaking tests for ad_html_text_convert. Update docs so this property of being less or equal than len is clearly specified

Revert change... more investigation needed

Trim whitespace

node_id shoudl probably be parent_id (fixes automated tests)

Trim whitespace

Replace deprecated header_stuff with head

Give some feedback in case of error

Repair broken opml export, exploit new api to streamline query, fix typo

Return 0 also when a default is there but is the empty string

Bring other sql inline, simplify idioms