gustaf a. neumann <neumann@gustaf-a-neumanns-imac.local> in nsf

- added: "info slot handle /name/" "info slot parameter /name/"

- nx.tcl, xotcl2.tcl: removed unsafe {*}$pattern

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- nsf.c * added "pattern" to "info lookup slots" * added "pattern" to "info slots" * extended regression test

update doc

* base objectparameter on "info slots -closure"

* added switch "-source" to "info slots -closure" and "info lookup slots" (similar to "info lookup methods") * extended regression test

- nsf.c * first version of c-bases "info slots" for classes * switch "-closure" just for class info method

- nsf.c: * renamed old flag "-order" of "info mixin classes" to "-heritage" since it computes same heritage as in "info heritage" (but potentially for a list of classes) * added compatibility layer for xotcl2 * added lost option "-heritage" to "/cls/ info mixin classes" (was only there for "/obj/ info mixin classes") * extended regression test

- code cleanup

Merge branch '2.0.0-develop' of ssh:// into 2.0.0-develop

add one more comment

comment test cases a little

Merge branch '2.0.0-develop' of ssh:// into 2.0.0-develop

- nsf.c: * added NsfClassListNoDup() to allow just single inserts * added NsfClassListPrint() for debugging * info heritage returns no duplicates * added prototype for NsfNoCurrentObjectError() * report "no current object" when no object is passed to a method. * code cleanup - extended regression test

- nx.tcl: replace loops ::nsf::methods::[object|class]::* by explict command registrations

- nsf.c: * handle direct dispatches for aliased methods * new generalized error message: NsfNoCurrentObjectError()

- replaced loops with NsfClassListFind()

- update TODO

-nsf.c: * factor out NsfClassListFind() * let result of "cls info heritage" return per-class mixins as well, otherwise it would be useless, since "cls info superclass -closure" would return the same

- be more precise on return value of alloc and create

- adding "profiling" to feature list

- nsf.c: factor out ClassListAddPerClassMixins()

- nsf.c: * moved implementation of ::nsf::method::delete to C * produce same error messages when methods are delete via nsf::method::delete and nsf::method::create {} {} * Prohibit deletion of methods during shutdown. Otherwise when destructors delete methods, some other destructors depending on these methods will fail. Cleanup deletes all methods anyway. * Provided alternative (faster) way of dispatching nsf::procs (can be tured off with NSF_INVOKE_SHADOWED_TRADITIONAL) * renamed NsfMethodCmd() into NsfMethodCreateCmd() for consistency * nsf works with OpenACS again (requires new nstrace.tcl, aolserver-openacs.tcl, and 01-debug-procs.tcl).

- serializer: * prefix warnings to ease tracking of warnings * some cleanup for handling aliased methods

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- extended migration guide (introduction, feature lists, etc.)

- nx-mango.tcl: * support for unique indices * support for query operators "in" and "all"

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- nsfmongo.c: * support attribute selection lists for ::mongo::query (positive and negative selection)

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- nsfmongo.c: * upgrade to newest c-driver (verison 0.3) from git. * support connection to replica sets

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- test.tcl: * don't export Test per-default * define Test as nx::Test * make Test parameter count 1 the default, change to higher numbers where needed

- some cleanup