gustaf a. neumann <neumann@gustaf-neumanns-imac.local> in nsf

- changed level of headings

- added headings for parameter sections

- first skeleton of migration guide

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- renamed "ClassName info instmixinof ?-closure? ?pattern?" into "ClassName info class-mixin-of ?-closure? ?pattern?" - renamed "ClassName info mixinof ?-closure? ?pattern?" into "ClassName info object-mixin-of ?-closure? ?pattern?" - added emulation "ClassName info instmixinof|mixinof" for xotcl1

- add minor comment

- reactivated XOTclErrInProc()

- get rid of rst->deallocCalled (not needed due to reference counting on xotcl objects) - reduce verbosity

- added existence test for slot extractor (needed for 8.5.8) - added refcounting CallStackDoDestroy() to ensure existance of object until end of function - make sure to call PrimitiveDestroy() before DeleteCommandFromToken(), otherwise e.g. unset traces on this object cannot be executed - regression test works again

- added refounting in ObjectDispatch() to make sure, obj survives until the end of the function

- comment manual call to DoDealloc() in case the method has failed

- handle change in tcl 8.5.8: in xotcl: * when e.g. the parent namespace is deleted with a "namespace delete", the change above causes, the no xotcl methods could be resolved (and called) anymore. * therefore, e.g. a "C dealloc c1" did not work, since dealloc passes c1 via tcl_obj, and the tcl_obj is as well converted to an xotcl object via Tcl_GetCommandFromObj(), which fails as well. - to bypass this problem, xotcl has now a C-function DoDealloc(), which is called, when this situation is detected. - some more cases, where xotcl could reference already freed memory were fixed (thanks to enable-symbols=mem) - as collateral damage, parts of the regression test don't work currently

- space changes

- made naming more consisent - alway initialize parse context properly

- updated tutorial further

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- updated first part of tutorial to xotcl2 syntax - fixed examples in tutorial - added soccerClub2.xotcl

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- fix example in the tutorial

- new subcommand "... info method body ..." to avoid to relay on syntax of "info method definition" in xotcl1 compatibility

- removed -per-object from ::xotcl::relation - removed -per-object from methods "mixinguard" and "filterguard" - removed -per-object from methods "alias" and "method" - added "... object filterguard ..." and "... object mixinguard ..." - implemented "info method definition" with "object" modifier - extended regression test

- call __UNKNOWN with XOTCL_CM_NO_PROTECT (don't complain when it is protected)

- added "<Class> object filter" and "<Class> object mixin" - use explicit "(object|class)-(mixin|filter)" relations in ::xotcl::relation - removed "-per-object" from all user-level relation commands (::xotcl::relation has still "-per-object"), but it is not needed anymore - register slots "object-mixin" and "object-filter" for conveniance to allow object-filter and object-mixins via configuration via object parameter

- turned "setter" method into a command "::xotcl::setter" with the same interface like "::xotcl::alias" - removed flag -per-object from XOTclCForwardMethod - require "object" to be followed directly by either method defining command or info, etc. (use "public object method" instead of "object public method")

- renamed method property "static" to "redefine-protected"

- removed "-protected" and "-public" from method defining methods ("alias", "method")

- Definition of method modifiers "public", "protected" and "object" - all method-creating methods ("method", "alias", "forward", "setter") return now the fully qualified method names - extending 50 regression tests fpr method modifiers - Make "unknown" for ::xotcl2::Class" to raise an error instead of warning. Otherwise, protected class-level methods would create objects with the name of protected methods. Other option: make calls to protected methods raise an error, instead of calling "unknown"

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- return fully qualified name from method defining commands (part 1, "method")

- changed in xotcl-core "method" into "object-method" and "class-method", provided scripted definition for method in xotcl2 - removed "setter" from methods in xotcl1 - defined xotcl1 methods in terms of "proc" and "instproc"

- dropped method "instvar" from the xotcl2 interface

- Methods defined via "method" are now per default "protected" - new switch "-public" for "method" to define public methods - new flag for "info callable": -callprotection", values "all|protected|public" - new flag for "info methods": -callprotection", values "all|protected|public" - converted part of regression test

- minor refactoring to reflect changes in "info methods"

- changed "info methods" (without defined, as defined in xotcl1) into "info callable" - changed "info methods -defined" into "info methods" - replaced "procsearch <name>" by "info callable -which <name>" - added emulation for procsearch for xotcl1