gustaf neumann <neumann@gustaf-neumanns-computer-6.local> in nsf

fix alias command for aliasing to tcl procs

- change panic() to Tcl_Panic() - panic, when cmdlist contains deleted command

make test slightly more verbose


added project-wide ignore-file

added more patterns

add a project-wide ignore file

remove files, which should not be in git

syntactical cleanup

syntactical cleanup

follow tcl coding convention to make merge easier

fixed typo

synchronized with head version xotcl-2007-10-30

  1. … 55 more files in changeset.
* change Tcl_ObjSetVar2() to Tcl_SetVar2Ex() to address problem in setting variables from C. The set variable was not seen in an eval. * extended regression test

Don't though error when the last argument of "obj info class <...>" or "cl info superclass <....>" is a non-existing class, but return false instead. This leaves room for pattern matching.

return mixins before procs in procsearch added regression test for this case

minor cleanup and variable renaming

some code refactoring making new code more robust

removed unneeded file