ssoberni <> in nsf

In certain build situations, we might still run under Tcl 8.4 (because it comes as a legacy OS battery). Tcl modules are >= 8.5 only.

Adding details how to upload Coverity builds

Merging README.release

Adding Coverity instructions

MethodDispatch(): Fix compiler warning on typecast mismatch

MixinregSetFromAny(): Re-arrange control flow as to match other uses in the code base (CID 88777)

ResolveMethodName(): Guard against potential null pointer dereference (CID 88771).

FreeAllNsfObjectsAndClasses(): Remove unneeded NULL check as dereferencing already occurred before; check for NULL earlier (CID 88780)

MixinregSetFromAny(): Fix crash through explicit null dereferencing when an invalid list string-rep is provided as mixinreg (CID 88777); added tests

MakeProc(): Silence false-positive warning, due to missing returns_nonnull annotation (CID 88770).

nsf.c: Check return values of GetObjectFromObj explicitly (CID 88763, 88764, 88765).

ObjectSystemsCheckSystemMethod(): Mark TCL_ERROR path as unlikely

ObjectSystemsCheckSystemMethod(): Re-order control flow to remove otherwise dead IF-branch (CID 88768)

NsfMethodPropertyCmd(): Dropped option 'slotobj' as it is obsolete. Also fixes CID 88767. See TODO for further cleanup steps. Make empty-string ambiguity explicit for 'info method *'

ListMethod(): Make sure that 'info method exists' returns 0 for (plain) NX objects; added some tests

ListCmdParams(): Removed logically dead code (CID 88779).

NsfShowStack(): Removed logically dead code. CID 88766.

Silence varargs warning (-Wgnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments) under clang --std=c99 -pedantic, tested under gcc, clang 3.6, and MSVC; added tests

Fix PDF rendering and man markup

Revise announcement text slightly, add entry about manpages

Effectively remove getstubs from

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Apply stubs* resolution withouh getstubs to

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

NsfDStringPrintf(): Fix vargs processing under VC 12

Left comment block unbalanced, fix

Bump version numbers in nx.tcl and xotcl2.tcl; adjust license statements

Rearrange 'make getstubs' slightly, so that we do not require the stub files present in generic/* for the build machinery to work properly

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://